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C. Manzoni, D. Brida, and G. Cerullo, “Phase-locked delay device including an optical wedge pair,” US Patent application No. 13/490,862 deposited on 07.06.2012. European Patent application No. 13168800.4 deposited on 22.05.2013.

Book Chapters

G. Cerullo, and D. Brida, “Ultra-Broadband Optical Parametric Amplifiers,” in SUSSP 66: Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics (Eds. R. Thomson, C. Leburn and D. Reid), Springer (2013), ISBN 978-3-319-00016-9.

Conference Contributions

More than 100 contributions at international conferences such as CLEO, CLEO Europe, Ultrafast Phenomena, Ultrafast Optics (the full list is not reported here). Several of these are regularly published as proceedings by leading scientific publishers like Springer, Wiley and SPIE.

Invited talks at international conferences

D. Brida, IS-PALD, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2014

D. Brida, FISMAT 2013, Milano, Italy, 2013.

D. Brida et al., NLO 2013, Hawaii, USA, 2013.

D. Brida et al., ICMAT 2013, Singapore, 2013.

D. Brida et al., Graphene Nanophotonics 2013, Benasque, Spain, 2013.

D. Brida et al., ASSP 2012, San Diego, USA, 2012.

D. Brida et al., Ultrafast Optics 2011, Monterey, CA, USA, 2011.

D. Brida et al., URSI-GASS 2011, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011.

D. Brida et al., LPHYS’11, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011

D. Brida et al., ASSP 2011, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011.

D. Brida et al., CLEO Europe, Munich, Germany 2009.

Invited Lectures and Colloquia

11-11-2014Fritz Haber Institute - Berlin: Ultrafast electron dynamics in low dimensional systems (Host: Dr. J. Stähler)
22-02-2013Cambridge University: Ultrafast dynamics in Graphene (Host: Prof A. C. Ferrari)
24-11-2012 IIT-Milan: 2-Dimensional THz spectroscopy (Host: Prof. G. Lanzani)
09-10-2010WNCO 2010 Tutorial: Ultrafast spectroscopies
27/29-04-2010 Cambridge University: Tutorial Lectures on ultrafast OPAs at the Cavendish Laboratory. (Host: Prof. R. Friend)
04-12-2009 Hamburg Desy-CFEL: Few-cycle optical pulse generation and application to time resolved spectroscopy. (Host: Prof. A. Cavalleri)
22-10-2009Konstanz University: Few-cycle optical pulse generation, pulse shaping and application to time resolved spectroscopy of gold and graphite. (Host: Prof. A. Leitenstorfer)
15-05-2009 Quantronix: Ultafast infrared OPA. (Host: Dr. P. Tzankov)