Name Former Position Moved to
Dr. Giancarlo Soavi Visiting student Cambridge Graphene Centre
Dr. Marcel Wunram PhD student Laser Quantum
Philipp Trocha Master student KIT Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics
Julian Jungwirth Master student Hellsicht Systems
Aaron Riede Master student Universität Bern - Institute of Applied Physics 
Dr. Jonathan Fischer PhD student BMW Group
Dominik Ertel Master student Universität Freiburg - Experimental Attosecond and Laser Physics
Dr. Alexander Grupp PhD student TRUMPF
Dr. Patrick Storz PhD student Laser Quantum
Dr. Marco Fischer PhD student Siemens AG
Dr. Tobias Rybka PhD student  
Dr. Vanessa Knittel PhD student  
Laurens Spitzner Master student  
Dr. Arne Budweg PhD student